25th February 2020 Steve Worland

Introducing eventr.

Training and Communication solved.                                                    

For the last few months, we have been discussing on our blog the importance of e-learning in the future world of work and the role it has to play in various industries.

if you missed the articles at the time feel free to catch up on them here.




Our last post leads me on quite nicely talk about the Event industry; The Events industry is 35% of the UK’s economy. It is composed of £42.3 billion pounds and it provides roles to half a million people and Soft Pauer are looking to improve it with one simple app.

Drumroll please, we would like to formally introduce eventr……………..

eventr is a simple application that combines the power of group chat with eLearning,  becoming the perfect tool for event organisers on the run up to an event.

Due to the nature of events, it is often the event manager or event director who has to staff their team, train their team and then organise their team. Every Manager wishes they could be in several places at once. The vital information contained within the star team member’s brain is often the required most when an event is up and running. This is where eventr’s chat feature allows for quick clean communication with the whole group.

eventr can provide the user(s) with essential pieces of legislative training. This combined with product and specific event/venue knowledge. Making it the best tool to ensure your event staff are clued up pre-event, our e-learning tool within eventr ensures vital knowledge is passed on before the doors have been opened for the first day.

If staff let you down mid-event, quickly ask your team to ask their friends for help, or if they can do extra shifts, or ask your Recruitment agency to qualify your recruits with your eLearning courses.

Take a minute to picture your last event and the biggest issue that occurred on the day, how did your team deal with it? Could it have been dealt with in a different way? 

A chat tool would have alerted more team members who could have helped straight away and team members could have offered a different perspective or better advice in advance? 


Every eventuality is supported by our eventr app.


Product Features include:


  • Create learning simply on a desktop, in realtime
  • Chat and team build pre-event
  • Reward successful team members with badges
  • Integrated schedule/calendar
  • Set users up quickly and easily
  • Video learning fully supported, 
  • Access competition data
  • Quizzes to encourage and test learning

Do visit our site https://eventr.softpauer.com/


About Soft Pauer 


Being the technological heart of one of the most famous global events for 10 years, we have come to understand events pretty well. So we took our other area of expertise e-learning, and then added the transformational power of a chat app (Slack and WhatsApp) to create eventr


Combining chat, and E-learning we have created the perfect tool for event organisers; 

Teach people the essentials pre-event and be confident they know their role.

During the event, ensure your team can answer any question with live group chat.


There are numerous extra features that we’d be happy to explain in more detail feel free to email eventr@softpauer.com for directions on how to download a beta demo and for more info.