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From complex data and integrations to beautiful digital engagement

  • Digital Solutions
    Customer success, through complex data and systems, rapidly integrated

  • Data and analytics
    In-depth understanding, in detail, and at scale.

  • Digital Marketing
    Connect better, with our world-class Customer Identity Management platform, intelligent email and mobile notifications and managed CRM.

App Design & Development
Power your customer success with our world-class app design and development studio. We proudly have over 9 years experience designing, shipping and maintaining live app services, supporting major international brands.
Metrics and Tracking
Our platform tracks millions of customer interactions in-detail, every month, for some of the world's biggest brands. We integrate with all of the major analytics clients, and provide actionable insight at scale.
Drive repeatable year-on-year growth with our Advanced Marketing Platform. We've built in customer identity, relationship and service management, and automated integration with social media, email and rich notifications, so your team don't have to.
Unity allows your product to be written once, and run anywhere across many platforms from AR and VR platforms to Android, iOS, Web, game consoles, smart TV's, PCs and Macs. Our team are Unity experts, rapidly building smart solutions rapidly for mobile, OTT TV and VR.
Services Over Platforms
Services over platforms allow you the great fit of a custom-built product *and* the reliability and scalability of SaaS. Our platform portfolio allows us to accelerate delivery of your Digital Journeys with agility and innovation.
Build in quality for today and for tomorrow.  Our team have deep development expertise from workhorse languages C, C++, C# and Java to SQL/NoSQL data management (MySQL, MongoDB, Influx, Oracle), and modern frameworks from Node.js to React/Redux.

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Case Study: Event Excellence

The solution incorporates peer-to-peer and group messaging, advanced customer identity and access management, rich content and social media streaming. Access can be unlocked using tokens, password or NFC triggers, and is backed by a GDPR-compliant analytics platform.

  • Sports Pro Magazine
    Sports Pro Magazine

    F1 Timing App

    "The revolution in portable sport starts here." In 2010 the F1 App was among the select few, picked personally by Steve Jobs to launch the iPad.  The App has gone from strength to strength, integrating live streamed audio sync'ed with rich data, streaming video, social media and cross-platform customer identity and access management.

About Soft Pauer

We are an established technology consultancy that specializes in integrating complex systems and data to provide elegant digital touchpoints for the world's best businesses.

We help Brands, Enterprises & Startups prepare for a world dominated by post-PC technologies. We architect, design, develop and market digital solutions for smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected devices, AR, VR, and IoT. We specialise as app designers and app developers building apps on mobile platforms like iOS, Android and HTML5 web apps.

Our mission is to be the most efficient and effective technology consultancy in the world. Our mobile partners rely on us to deliver engaging multi-platform software and digital products that combine great user experience with robust & reliable technology platforms.

Our heritage is overcoming complex integration problems and developing, maintaining and operating easy to use and engaging digital platforms for the world's most demanding sports fans in Formula One, Moto GP and V8 Supercars. We work with a wide variety of partners from around the globe ranging from fast moving start-ups to Fortune 500 multi-nationals. We are passionate about realising mobile and technology opportunities by deploying innovative technologies and great people, no matter what the domain is, it could be healthcare, education or retail.