23rd January 2019 Steve Worland


E-learning why its needed

In 2019 e-learning fulfils so many business needs, although many businesses overlook what the tool can do for them.

Exscien a subsidiary of Soft Pauer are specialists in e-learning and learning management.

We are an official Government digital services supplier and have provided e-learning solutions for Defense, Government, Banking and Pharmaceuticals business.

We have provided inductions, specialist training, Product training to name but a few.

We have also provided Translation (localization) for German, French and American versions of our e-learning portal.

In the ever-evolving world of work in 2019 it pays to upskill your team in the most cost-effective way possible.

Every day is a school Day

Picture the scenario, you’ve just hired someone, the hiring process was long and difficult as skilled professionals are hard to attract and unskilled apply in abundance.

Now you may be in an industry that’s ever evolving and your “hire” needs to be upskilled, alternatively, you may have sophisticated product or service that needs to explained thoroughly.

your time is money, so instead of teaching them your self, how about put your knowledge to ourselves and we’ll create an e-learning portal for you and as you grow it can be reused.

Its worked for a wide range of clients including government, insurance, banking, retail and gaming. see images below.

Skills Used


We Design, Develop, create user journeys and Translate all the content provided by our clients.


Please do visit Exscien’s site https://www.exscien.com/

Animation and e-Learning

Animate your Amazon presence


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