13th December 2018 Steve Worland

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Internet Of Things iOS/ Android Applications


You may be wondering what the practical uses are for IOT apart from managing your themostats, adjusting your Hue lights or using your video doorbell

Bwt came to Soft Pauer looking for a Technlogy partner who could connect their services in a multitude of ways.

Their Market leading products were being diluted by a mixed aftercare service i.e unofficial support, unofficial products were being used and ultimately BWT were missing out on sales.

Bwt@home has taken the best feature of other IOT apps and combined them into one, the app has provided customers in Germany and Austria the ability to monitor their water usage, buy official tabs and contact their BWT engineer with ease.

Our Role

Taking BWT’s needs back to basics, we noticed their existing app only did one thing, so we looked to create a simple user journey and a simple dashboard that allowed the end user to access information quickly.

BWT held user research meetings and several months of surveys to understand that their customers wanted, ultimately a simple app that allowed them to do 3 things, buy, monitor and contact.

We built the app after getting prototypes approved, and created a responsive mobile app, built with React and hosted on Azure. With notifications that were only delivered when the customer really needed to be notified we have found the feedback for the app to extremely positive.

The app continues to be work in progress as we start to integrate BWT’s real world devices into the app.

Skills Used


Modern Javascript frameworks

Design tools


Bluetooth Technology


  • App design, development, maintenance and operation
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Integrated Rich Media Content Management System
  • Integrated Identity and Access Management
  • Customized group and 1-2-1 call service


BWT Pool test kit (5in1 )

BWT Magnesium Mineralizer

Magnesium Mineralized Water

Magnesium Mineralized Water