18th August 2020 Steve Worland

Product Tour

Create Learning Modules

Control what your event staff learn with an intuitve and simple course creation module

Upload pre recorded you tube videos or powerpint slides (other formats are avaliable)

Manage the size and length of the module depending on the importance of the subject matter.

Video learning fully Supported

Video is the future of e-learning, users can play, pause,rewind and restart the video, to learn at their own pace.

Videos can be compressed for easy download on first install, and once completed deleted to save space on the app

Gamified Badge incentives

When life is all about competition make give your learning the competitive edge by gamifying your learning

Even the maturest of adults finds satisfaction in gaining lots of badges/ achievements

Badges are given as rewards for completing modules.

Boost engagement, completion and scores by applying gamification mechanics to learning activities

Track progress and reward winners

Fully Optimised for Mobile

Learning whereever and whenever you can is the key to truly effective e-learning. Your event staff will have busy lives, maybe other roles, they need to be able to learn on the train, in the coffee shop.

Mobiles are the best way of connecting and engaging your staff to thier e-learning content.

Set USERS up quickly and easily

Your team will change, very quickly at times and so you will need to add , remove and change permissions of people.

The user experience is simple and effective and yet secure so you can make changes quickly and easily.

Chat with the team

Communication is key, some questions and answers may useful for all the team to be aware of.

Get all the benefits of a chat application organised group chats, personal 1-2-1 chats, share photos and documents