21st May 2020 Steve Worland

How the office is changing with COVID19.

In the last 18 months, Soft Pauer had speculated with our opinion pieces how the office and the workplace was transforming – some of the modest predictions made in this post-https://site.softpauer.com/the-future-of-work/ have come about a lot earlier because of covid19  and as a result its fair to say the workplace will never be the same,

Companies that require collaborative working and people’s presence have realised this can be all done remotely.

 However, it does come with flaws, skills gaps become more obvious, communication flaws are exaggerated. Companies in lockdown need to be flexible. In 2020 everyone is working with an outsourced team and the technology will always have gaps. 

Communication can be bridged with Zoom, Teams and Hangout calls, but that limits people’s capacity and the person with the knowledge is often the person in back to back meetings.

Learning is also changing post-COVID;  the days of classroom-based learning to memory are going to be difficult due to infection risk. The days of teaching with chalk or whiteboards and teachers speaking for the duration are now fading into the background. 

So how do you address skills gap issues, communication failures and knowledge sharing? If these problems start to escalate you may find your team leaving earlier than anticipated and you may have to find new replacements.

If your company is still looking to grow and replace any staff, the quality of the onboarding experience is vital to ensure to productivity is high, new starters aren’t lost or don’t feel part of the team.

Soft Pauer feels we have a solution that addresses communication blockages, reduces skills gaps and brings your company together. All this within an app that combines e-learning and communication during the onboarding process.

When a new starter joins your organisation the first days are crucial in ensuring that they are happy in their new role, 

They need to feel secure that everything is ready for them, they need enough warning to provide relevant documents so they are prepared for their start day.

Training a new starter on the tools they will use day to day is vital, despite a lot of tools being similar or the same,  each company has a specific way of using them or has its own customisations. Training in these tools is essential.

When your staff are allowed back to work, they will need a tour of the office, to ensure everyone knows where they are going, where the fire escapes are etc.

Not everyone is available to meet the new starter on their first day,  so organising times to have one to catch-ups with all team members are part of any good onboarding process. Without these introductions asking for support is difficult,

Soft Pauer’s OnBoardr app answers all of these problems, it allows line managers and HR professionals to:

  • Create learning modules 
  • Schedule onboarding sessions and integrate with existing Calendars 
  • Insert Video-based learning courses
  • Add Gamified badge incentives
  • Allow the new starters to prepare on their mobile device 
  • Set Users up (and remove them) quickly and easily
  • Chat on training and work-related issues.
  • Insert incentivised quizzes to encourage and test learning
  • See how your staff perform in their training 

Ultimately our app will provide the line/HR managers knowledge and expertise to be shared across the workforce, pre and during onboarding, we are experts in e-learning and believe the app that combines e-learning and instant communication is the ideal way to ensure everyone is up to speed. E-learning meets the starters needs wherever they are and at their convenience, 

It will be available soon, please email onboardr@softpauer.com to find out more details.